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Comprehensive Patenting Services: InventHelp’s Full-Service Approach for Inventors

In the intricate journey from a lightbulb moment to a legally protected invention in the market, inventors often find themselves navigating a complex terrain of ideation, development, patenting, and marketing. InventHelp, recognizing the multifaceted challenges inventors face, offers a full-service approach that goes well beyond mere paperwork filing. This comprehensive suite of services not only assists inventors in securing patents but also supports them through the entire process of bringing an invention to life and into the market. Let’s explore the holistic range of services provided by InventHelp to empower inventors at every step of their journey.

But inventors are cautious and ask “can I trust InventHelp and the companies it works with?” InventHelp is a trusted partner for inventors. The company has been in business for over 30 years and has helped more than 10,000 inventors secure patents.

Initial Idea Evaluation

InventHelp begins its journey with inventors through an initial idea evaluation, aimed at assessing the feasibility and potential market viability of the invention. This crucial first step ensures that inventors have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their idea before committing significant time and resources to the patent process.

Patent Research and Protection

Once an idea is deemed viable, the focus shifts toward protecting the intellectual property through patenting. InventHelp simplifies this complex process by conducting thorough patent searches to ascertain if a similar invention already exists, which is a critical step in determining the patentability of an invention. Following this, InventHelp assists inventors in navigating the intricate patent application process, ensuring that all documentation is accurately prepared and filed with the appropriate patent offices. This meticulous attention to detail is vital for securing patent protection that is both broad and robust, safeguarding inventors’ rights and interests.

Prototype Development

InventHelp understands that having a tangible prototype can be instrumental in securing patents and attracting interest from potential investors or licensees. To this end, they help inventors with prototype development, offering guidance on creating models that effectively showcase the invention’s functionality and benefits. This tangible representation can prove invaluable during the patent application process and subsequent marketing efforts.

Marketing and Licensing Support

Securing a patent is only one part of the invention journey. Bringing the product to market poses its own set of challenges, which InventHelp addresses through dedicated marketing and licensing support. They help inventors identify potential companies and manufacturers interested in licensing or purchasing their invention, facilitating pitch meetings and negotiations. InventHelp’s goal is to bridge the gap between inventors and the marketplace, ensuring that innovative ideas find their way to consumers.

Educational Resources

Recognizing that knowledge is power, InventHelp provides inventors with extensive educational resources covering various aspects of the invention process. From online articles and guides to one-on-one consultations, inventors can gain invaluable insights into patenting, prototyping, licensing, and marketing, empowering them to make informed decisions at every step.

Post-Patent Support

InventHelp’s commitment to inventors extends beyond securing a patent. They offer continued support in monitoring the patent, advising on renewal processes, and even assisting in potential infringement cases. This comprehensive post-patent support ensures that inventors’ rights remain protected and enforced throughout the life of their invention.

So, should I use InventHelp invention services? If you have an idea for an invention and want to take it from concept to commercialization, InventHelp is a great place to start. They offer a wide range of services that can help inventors at every stage of the process, from patenting and prototyping to licensing and marketing.


InventHelp’s full-service approach is tailored to address the unique needs of inventors at every stage of the invention process. From initial idea evaluation to patent protection, prototype development, and marketing, their comprehensive range of services empowers inventors to navigate the complexities of bringing an invention to market with confidence. By offering continued support and educational resources, InventHelp stands as a reliable partner for inventors, guiding them through each step towards achieving their dream of successful invention commercialization.

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